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For over 100 years generations of guests have experienced the charms and wonders of The Opinicon and it's environment.  A beloved fishing haunt, The Opinicon has boats for use by guests, and a curated list of the areas best fishing guides.  The natural beauty of Opinicon Lake can also be explored by our guests by canoe, kayak, and paddleboard, all free of charge.

For kids we're also very pleased to offer an experience they won't forget: The Opinicon Kids Club! We're planning treasure hunts, special crafts, fun activities, (and a little learning on the side, but don't tell them that).

Starting July 5th, every Sunday from 2-4pm our young guests can join other Kids Club members to embark on an adventure. Kids and their parents (or parent, maybe you can split the time while the other has a cold beer on the veranda in relative peace and quiet), will enjoy an afternoon of great summer entertainment!